General Surgery Functional Unit

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General Informations

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  • department : General Surgery Functional Unit
  • head : Dr. I. Circosta
  • Email :
  • position : Second Floor

The diseases treated refer in particular to digestive, vascular, and urological disorders as well as all pathologies that require a surgical approach, from abdominal surgery to varicose surgery, from gallbladder surgery to genital surgery.

The team has developed specialised expertise in the treatment of proctologic and pelvic floor disorders. In proctology, in particular, innovative minimally invasive methods have been promoted which use lasers for "sphincter-saving" procedures to treat complex fistulas, fistulated pilonidal cysts and haemorrhoids in patients who cannot undergo more invasive operations (young women with pregnancy, elderly, etc.). Particular attention was later given to the treatment of pathologies specific to women (in particular, post-partum and menopause disorders) with surgery for posterior compartment prolapse and obstructed defecation syndrome.